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      Corporate culture:

      Hengxiang enterprise for your needs to change

      Taizhou yuxing needle-making co., LTD., with more than 20 years of experience in needle

      making and 30 years of expertise in needle making, designs and manufactures the needle-free

      needles you need.Although we are not perfect, but perfect product quality is our goal;

      Sincere to the letter is our service tenet.The continuous improvement of the production

      process and rich experience in needle making are the guarantee to continuously improve

      the quality of our products.With your continued support and cooperation, we believe that

      our career will soar together.

      The enterprise spirit of hengxiang enterprise: refine on meticulous work

      Hengxiang enterprise management philosophy: standardization

      The lofty goal and vision of hengxiang enterprise: happy enterprise happy staff

      The development strategy of hengxiang enterprise: innovation, steady, pragmatic, development,

      to do the domestic first-class needle enterprises

      The sacred mission of hengxiang enterprise: to create value for the society to create benefits

      for customers to create profits for enterprises to create happiness for themselves

      Taizhou Yuxing Needle-making CO.,LTD

      Hengxiang enterprise holding group is a comprehensive enterprise.The main business isthe production and sale of felting needles, it also includes the manufacturing of felting needle equipments, textile accessories, non-woven machine accessories and metal processing machinery. Technology development and foreign trade are also related.

      The headquarter of Hengxiang enterprise is located in No. 828, Haihong Avenue, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, covering an area of 35,358 square meters and a building area of 42,186 square meters. The total employees are around 400.

      Its wholly-owned subsidiary Taizhou Yuxing Needle-making Co., Ltd. is a first-rate professional manufacturer of felting needles in China.? It has more than 30 years history and experience of professional needle making since the establishment in 1989. Yuxing company have experienced technicians with strong strength, first-rate automatic needle making devices and advanced testing instruments. The products are produced under international standard specifications, by using advanced technologies and strict control for every process to ensure the quality to achieve elaborate production. Now the annual production capacity can exceed 500 million pieces, cover complete models and specifications. Also its offer customized service to produce special model and specification according to customer requests.

      Yuxing company are making great efforts to continuously get innovations in the aspects of technology, equipment and process. It has applied for registration of eight new product patents from the National Patent Office, and registered seven graphic and words trademarks such as "YUXING" and "HENGXIANG", among which two are trademarks of the European Union. Yuxing company has been awarded as “Taizhou Municipal High-tech Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise”, “Municipal High-tech Research and Development Center”, “National Key Small and Medium-sized Enterprise with Quality Credit AAA Grade”, and “Taizhou Top Ten Growth Enterprise”. From 2012 to 2019, Yuxing company has been continuously selected as the supplier of China's non-woven industry by China Industrial Textile Industry Association. The chairman Mr He, was awarded as the leader of the second session of China Industrial Textile Industry by China Industrial Textile Industry Association in 2016.

      In November 2019, Hengxiang held a grand celebration of the 30th anniversary of Taizhou Yuxing Needle-making Co., Ltd., and hosted the "2019 National Acupuncture Technology Innovation and Development Forum" in the meantime.More than 400 experts and entrepreneurs from the national textile industry gathered in Hengxiang Enterprise to discuss the technical progress and standard system construction of the nonwovens industry, innovative research and development of needling nonwovens, intelligent manufacturing realization plan and other topics in the form of a forum, so as to jointly promote the high-quality development of the sewing industry.


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