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      Hengxiang Enterprise

      Corporate culture:

      Hengxiang enterprise for your needs to change

      Taizhou yuxing needle-making co., LTD., with more than 20 years of experience in needle

      making and 30 years of expertise in needle making, designs and manufactures the needle-free

      needles you need.Although we are not perfect, but perfect product quality is our goal;

      Sincere to the letter is our service tenet.The continuous improvement of the production

      process and rich experience in needle making are the guarantee to continuously improve

      the quality of our products.With your continued support and cooperation, we believe that

      our career will soar together.

      The enterprise spirit of hengxiang enterprise: refine on meticulous work

      Hengxiang enterprise management philosophy: standardization

      The lofty goal and vision of hengxiang enterprise: happy enterprise happy staff

      The development strategy of hengxiang enterprise: innovation, steady, pragmatic, development,

      to do the domestic first-class needle enterprises

      The sacred mission of hengxiang enterprise: to create value for the society to create benefits

      for customers to create profits for enterprises to create happiness for themselves

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